Photo Sheets

The photo sheets are designed to hold photos and to protect them from the elements. These sheets come in varies sizes and shapes so they can hold all types of photos. Most sheets are sold in photo stores or hobby stores.

The ones sold in hobby stores are to store things like baseball cards in. Preserving memorabilia is important to do. This is because some day they can be worth money or have a special memory attached to them.

The sheets can protect them from the weather, spills, being bent or air. With a photo placed in a sheet it becomes sealed and will last for years. These sheets can be placed in a photo album or kept separately. They can also be written on so everyone knows what the picture inside is.

Labels or other special designs can be placed on them. For scrap booking people this is a great way to protect the picture and still create great scrapbooks. Along with pictures and cards, these protectors can hold the negatives to the pictures.

This will protect the original so the picture can easily be recreated in the future. They even make ones that will protect slides for a slide show. This is very handy tool, because slides tend to be easy to lose. Having the slides all in a convenient location is a great way to keep each slide show organized.

These can also be kept in a 3 ring binder, written on or labeled for easy access in the future. Once your items are placed in these they can be moved to other protectors, later if need be.

This is done by simply removing the photos and placing in a new one. This is a nice feature in case the collection of pictures grows and needs to be moved to a bigger album.